1. Publications concerning Civil Procedure, Private International law, EC-Law, and International Arbitration,
    1. The procedural public order according to the Brussels Convention of 27.9.1968, Dike 1995, 1099-1124 (in Greek).
    2. The procedural public order in the recognition and the enforcement of foreign decisions according to German law, Dike 1996, 823-833 (in Greek).
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    4. First prejudicial reference to the European Court relating to the interpretation of public order in article 27 Nr. 1 Brussels Convention (Notes to the decision of the Bundesgerichtshof, 4.12.1997 - 23/97), Harmenopoulos 1999, 610-616 (in Greek).
    5. Acceptable reasons of appeal against the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements pursuant to Art. 36 of the Brussels convention, Harmenopoulos 1999, 1145-1149 (in Greek).
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    8. Der prozessuale ordre public bei der Anerkennung und Vollstreckung auslandischer Gerichtsentscheidungen nach deutschem und griechischem Zivilproze?recht und nach dem Europaischen Gerichtsstands- und Vollstreckungsubereinkommen [ Magister], Master thesis, Hanover, 1994, in: Anthimos/Delp/Harazim, Harmonisierungsprobleme im europaischen Wirtschaftsrecht, Nomos Verlag, Baden Baden, 2000, pages 11-153
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    10. Public order and Brussels Convention, Harmenopoulos 2000, 1301-1305 (in Greek)
    11. Alternative Dispute Resolution in domain name disputes (The ICANN Dispute Resolution Policy), Harmenopoulos 2001, 1584-1590 (in Greek)
    12. Jurisdictional problems concerning Internet consumer contracts, Harmenopoulos 2001, 1723-1726 (in Greek)
    13. Due process of law, Presentation of Greek Law within the Project of Prof. Dr. Weber, University of Osnabruck, under the general title: Fundamental rights in Europe and the USA [forthcoming] [ Fundamental Rights]
    14. Issues of transitional law regarding recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments within the EC Remarks on the decision 1263/2002 of the Court of first instance Katerini, Harmenopoulos 2002, 743-747 (in Greek)
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    16. The communitarization of International Civil Procedural Law in family law disputes, Harmenopoulos 2004, 834-859 (in Greek)
  2. Internet and Trade Law Publications
    1. Introduction to the domain names issue, Corporation and Company Law Review, 1999, 815-824 (in Greek)
    2. Protection of distinctive signs in cyberspace, Commercial law Survey 1999, 1046-1057 (in Greek)
    3. Safeguards of distinctive signs in the Internet The danger emanating from domain names, Commercial law Survey 2000, 588-618 (in Greek)
    4. Questions regarding infringement of distinctive signs in the Internet Remarks on the decision 1554/2002 of the Court of first instance Athens, Commercial law Survey 2002, 306-309 (in Greek)
    5. Protection of trade marks in the Internet [experts opinion], Chronicles of Private Law 2002, 832-840 (in Greek)
    6. Electronic general assemblies, Commercial law Survey 2003, 987 et seq. (in Greek)
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    8. Domain names and ADR in Telecommunications (to be published in the forthcoming monograph under the title Cyberlaw, loose-leaf publication International Encyclopedia of Laws, Kluwer Law International, 2005)
  3. Other publications
    1. Salary risk in case of strike Towards a re-evaluation of the prevalent opinion?, Labour Law Review 1995, 625-650 (in Greek)
    2. Burden of proof and similar notions, Dike 1997, 782-795 (in Greek).
    3. The burden of proof in Labour law disputes, Dike 1997, 990-1015 (in Greek)
    4. Internet Addresses: The economical and legal aspects of the domain name, newspaper D 25.4.1999, page 74 (in Greek)
    5. Domain names: The WIPO Report, newspaper D 6.6.1999, pages 66-67 (in Greek)
    6. The battle of Amazons in the Internet, newspaper D 28.8.1999, page 44 (in Greek)
    7. The commercial importance of domain names and its protection in the Greek legal order, magazine TECH-Business (Oktober 1999), 32-33 (in Greek)